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Save yourself from summer


For some years, the weather is getting hotter than before. The changing weather affects the humans a lot, which can be very painful. In summer, the most annoying thing is hot wind, which can be fatal. So, women should know the methods, which can save them and their family from this problem.
Eat Food and Save Yourself from Hot Wind:-
Food is that important item, which makes our immunity system strong, and saves us from outside reactions. It is better to drink lots of water and fruits which contain water in them. For example, watermelon, melon, potato, etc. the minerals is released from the body through sweating which causes the exhaustion and lightheadedness. In this condition, it is better to take lemonade sugar in a water. Along with these options, it is better to take yogurt or yogurt made things.
Mint sauce is very effective in making digestive system better. Avoid eating meat and other harmful food and try to use vegetables, for example, tirnup, cucumber, raw mango, etc. those, who make their drinks cold by putting ice in it, should know that the effect of the ice hot and it is not good as it often causes throat problems.
Talking about summer and ignoring raw mango drink is impossible. Nature made it just for the summer, so that, we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of hot wind.
Outside protection:-
It is better to not go outside the home in summer much. And if, you have to go for a very important reason, then it is better to take your umbrella and sunglasses with you, so that, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of hot wind. You must take a bath before going outside. You should try to take bath two to three times a day. You should close the windows at noon and try to wear light and dull-colored clothes. You should regularly put rose water in eyes.
Protection from Hot Wind:-
Hot wind is a common problem in summer and this can be dangerous for health, too. The common symptoms are dizziness, strong headache, nausea, unbalancing of mental level, etc. it can be treated by taking the patient to the cold place. In this condition, he might have 104 body temperature. It is better to consult a doctor soon.
Summer and Skin:-
Skin of every type and body, face, hand, head or body, needs much care in summer. It is better to clean it all the time. If it becomes dirty or loses its plainness, then it does not look beautiful, either. So, always take care about your body.


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